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News > Synergy Wins a Spot on FDIC ITAS NG BOA

Synergy Wins a Spot on FDIC ITAS NG BOA

Synergy wins a spot on FDIC Information Technology Application Services Next Generation (ITAS NG) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). The FDIC requires support across the entire IT application lifecycle, including creation (requirements, design, development, testing, and deployment), configuration, integration, migration, enhancement, support, maintenance, operations, decommissioning, and other associated services for all FDIC owned applications either in use today or deployed during the term of this BOA.

This BOA has five workstreams that serve as the primary areas in which the FDIC is seeking support across our IT applications. Synergy will provide support on the Shared IT Services workstream, which focuses on launching and maintaining enterprise shared tools/services such as middleware, Git, Adobe, Google Earth, Infosphere, SQL Tool, Tableau, Webfocus, and Synergy will also manage both IaaS and PaaS environments.