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Frinso Padavil

Project Manager & Business Analyst

What is one random fact about you?

I came to the USA all by myself when I was 2 years. My parents were unable to accompany me because they were already here, waiting for me.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I enjoy all kinds of music; however, I primarily grew up listening to R&B.

What are some items on your bucket list?

Someday, I would love to visit some of the world’s different architectural landmarks! Machu Pichu, Christ the Redeemer, Taj Mahal, and Mecca are some of the ones at the top of my list.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

I would likely name my autobiography Life = The Lesson, because I’ve found that simply living life can teach you so much if you approach it with a willingness to learn.

What are three lessons you’ve learned thus far in your professional life?

The following are three of the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far in my career:

  • Integrity is the most important characteristic required for working with people.
  • Being humble and maintaining humility in the workspace allows for accelerated growth.
  • It is crucial to find balance between your personal and professional life.

What advice do you have for prospective Synergy candidates?

One piece of advice that I’d offer is to find a lesson or purpose in every project, assignment, or duty that you undertake. Doing this will add to your growth, because you may learn something new or find each task to be more fulfilling, better preparing you to take on the next one.