Innovation in Federal IT: The Road Ahead

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Innovation is probably one of the most liberally used buzzwords – while every business leader knows that it is important, nobody seems to agree on its exact meaning or how to go about implementing it. It is important to realize that innovation does not necessarily mean inventing breakthrough technologies, rather it is about finding proactive ways to maximize process efficiency. The long-term benefits of true innovation will always outweigh the short-term implementation cost. In today’s Federal fiscal environment of decreasing resources and increasing scrutiny, there is a growing pressure on agencies’ leadership to utilize the available resources in an efficient and outcome-driven manner. While such forces should drive innovation, counter forces – such as archaic acquisition processes, aversion to risk, and a culture of status quo – have impeded large scale adoption of fresh innovative approaches. According to a recent survey by Accenture, only 21 percent of government agencies have …

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Finding a Better Way

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I recently learned about M-Pesa, a mobile-based money transfer service used in various countries in Africa. M-Pesa has changed the dimension of the banking industry in those countries. When asked about existing banking regulations and how they might affect this venture, the founder of the company said that we live in a “disruptive” world and gave examples of how Uber and Airbnb are changing the dimensions of those industries. We are indeed going through an interesting period — powered by science and technology, we are redefining many things that apparently have been known forever. We know that in order to survive in this environment, we have to be innovative — but is there a recipe for promoting innovation? We know a lot of tech companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft started from humble garage operations. A friend of mine once jokingly told me that he couldn’t innovate anything because …


Synergy Mobile: Behind the Scenes

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At Synergy, one of our core talents is providing mobile solutions for our customers. Traditionally, this has involved projects that task us to produce data-driven, interactive web applications. While these applications are still bound to be viewed through a website, one way we are looking to branch out our services is by developing native applications for phone and tablet devices. Much like you can download a great fitness tracker app from the app store on your phone, soon you will be able to download an app made by folks at Synergy! Looking forward into our commercial ventures, I want to give you a technical dive behind the scenes—specifically, how we are using our talented web developers to build phone and tablet apps. When it comes to building web applications for our customers, our web developers make use of CSS stylesheets and rich JavaScript frameworks that can render dynamic HTML content. …