Business Intelligence Common Services Framework – Cyber Security

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) has undertaken a significant effort to migrate a large portfolio of its legacy applications to a new hosting offering by DISA called Capacity Services. Business Intelligence Common Services (BCS) is one such application. Synergy has a total 12 Subject Matter Experts (SME) supporting the overall BCS migration effort, including analysis, design and collaboration with the subscribing application stakeholders who will be using the BCS system.

CHALLENGE: Business Problem
  • DHA faced the problem of how to execute this complex migration while maintaining the proper security protocols.
PROCESS: What Has Synergy Done?
  • The Synergy team is responsible to support Assessment & Authorization activities for the five BCS environments by executing necessary scanning tools (Fortify, WebInspect, AppDetective), addressing the security controls, addressing ports and protocols for boundary crossing, and documenting all the controls. In cases where we cannot address a control, we document Planned of Actions and Milestones (POAM).

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Because of Synergy’s implementation of Cyber Security best practices, the Government has a system with proven disaster recovery capabilities in the event of an outage, as well as security in place to address the complex security model faced by this migration.

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