Business Intelligence Common Services Framework -System Integration

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) has undertaken a significant effort to migrate a large portfolio of its legacy applications to a new hosting offering by DISA called Capacity Services. Business Intelligence Common Services (BCS) is one such application. Synergy has a total 12 Subject Matter Experts (SME) supporting the overall BCS migration effort, including analysis, design and collaboration with the subscribing application stakeholders who will be using the BCS system.

CHALLENGE: Business Problem
  • How to migrate a large portfolio from its existing hosting service to a new one, while having minimal negative impact to the user base and the data.
PROCESS: What Has Synergy Done?

The Synergy team is supporting integration across multiple COTS products, as well as integrating with seven external applications and repositories. The platform also integrates with a centralized DoD Identity Management system. This integration allows end users to seamlessly utilize BCS’s reporting and data analysis functionality without ever leaving their native application.

  • Analysis and design of new BCS architecture for multiple environments including Disaster Recovery.
  • Create environment specifications including
    • System accounts, service accounts, and storage for the AIX and Windows servers
    • Network architecture to connect with other services within DISA hosting center
    • All Ports and Protocols
  • Design of BCS Disaster Recovery environment including data synchronization process (Production to Disaster Recovery)
  • Design role based security model
  • Design data and user migration strategy
  • Build Test Evaluation Plan and Detailed Test Procedures
  • Stand up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) sandbox to build and validate the BCS environment

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Synergy completed a complex design including High Availability, Disaster Recovery, complex Security Model and Data Migration strategy. Once the design was approved by the Government, Synergy successfully implemented the design and built the environments. Synergy also delivered over 50 deliverables as specified in the contract, which have been approved by the government client.

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