Contracting IT Modernization Initiative

United States Air Force

As part of Synergy’s mission to support the Air Force Contracting IT Modernization Initiative, we developed unified enterprise-wide business processes across all contracting domains (Operations, R&D, Logistics, and Weapons Systems). We created functional and technical requirements along with associated artifacts in compliance with the Service Development and Delivery Process (SDDP), the US Air Force’s standard capability lifecycle management framework.

CHALLENGE: Business Problem

The US Air Force Contracting Community lacks a standardized and integrated business process. This has resulted in non-compliance to Laws, Regulations, and Policies (LRPs) and an overreliance on manual intervention, which results in poor data analytics. Currently, they cannot meet federal procurement standards, which leads to inaccuracies in the generation of contracting documents. Further, they are noncompliant with Financial Improvements Audit Readiness (FIAR).

PROCESS: What Has Synergy Done?
  • Synergy facilitated requirements-gathering sessions with business owners to define IT functional requirements and business rules to support the following to-be processes: Contract Requirements (Pre-award), Contract Generation (Award), Contract Management (Post-award), Performance Management, and Contracting Domain Process Management (Business Advisory Services).
  • Synergy performed detailed analysis of COTS/GOTS solutions in the contracting domain. We then conducted market research and scored the solutions against functional and technical requirements. Our experts then produced a recommendation for Sponsor approval.
  • Synergy produced a document highlighting the implementation plan for achieving capability milestones.
  • All these component efforts lead to the creation of a complete requirements package, which the acquisition community would inherit to continue development.

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Increased Digitization
  • In turn, this reduces inaccuracies and delays in work and resources.
  • Digitization reduces manual intervention.
  • Documents are compliant with procurement data standards, allowing for more seamless interactions with a greater number of internal and external stakeholders.

Standardized Reporting
  • Standardization enables measurably improved compliance with LRPs.
  • Beyond compliance, this allows for greater agility in responding to contracting customers.

Configurable Business Rules
  • The future state moves beyond hardcoded business rules in IT solutions to allow for a much more flexible system that can be configured and reconfigured without time-consuming maintenance and customization.
  • As a result, the US Air Force’s reliance upon IT contractors to maintain legacy systems is greatly reduced.
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