Defense Information Systems Agency


DISA is the “Defense Information Systems Agency” and is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense (DoD). The primary mission of DISA is to provide secure, robust, dependable and interoperable data centers with hosting services and enterprise contracts for the procurement of all material required to run an IT application. Syn-ergy has 9 team members supporting DISA through project management and engineering to accomplish their de-fined mission.

CHALLENGE: Business Problem

Working with DoD entities (Mission Partners) to migrate their IT applications to a DISA Datacenter and adopt DoD and DISA hosting policies and standards.

PROCESS: What Has Synergy Done?

Each Mission Partner application migration is an individual project requiring a project team, consisting of Project Leads, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, Network/Communication Engineers, and Storage Engineers. Syn-ergy’s team members fulfill the roles of Project Leads, Systems Engineers, and Software Engineers:

  • Project Lead – is responsible for the working with the Mission Partner to complete the application migra-tion, including
    • Gather and finalize their requirements
    • Deliver to the Mission Partner a cost estimate to migrate and maintain their application within a DISA Datacenter
    • Lead the implementation effort, coordinating the multiple teams to configure hardware, install software, establish network connections, and set-up storage.
  • Systems Engineer – is responsible for analyzing the Mission Partner’s current hardware and workload, as well as projected workload growth, to design a solution using DISA’s standard offerings
  • Software Engineer – is responsible for analyzing the Mission Partner’s software requirements and determin-ing each product’s licensing and cost

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Synergy team members work to help Mission Partners’ migrate from a variety of hosting facilities and technologies to the DISA Capacity Services contracts and standards. This effort has led to cost savings as the result of closing multiple, smaller data centers and obtaining significant discounts through large volume procurements of hardware, software and storage.

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