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United States Air Force

As an IT contractor for the Secretary of Air Force/Management (SAF/MG), Synergy develops and maintains SharePoint sites that support SAF/MG mission areas namely Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Air Force Department of Business Transformation (AFDBT), Enterprise Architecting Environment (EAE), AF (Business Mission Area) Data Management, Program Action Directives (PADs), Program Guidance Letters (PGLs) Portfolio Management, and Enterprise Process Improvement Council (EPIC). These custom SharePoint sites present various document libraries, workflows, dashboards, and reports that support SAF/MG business owners in their dedicated domains to accomplish their process automation tasks.

CHALLENGE: Business Problem

AF SAF/MG had a need for a portal to allow business users to access various SAF/MG mission areas from a single point of entry.

PROCESS: What Has Synergy Done?
  • CPI: Synergy developed a custom SharePoint site that manages information about Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt professionals and their Six Sigma projects. The SharePoint site provides information about certification training dates, accomplished certification levels and Six Sigma initiatives under various MAJCOMs. The web site presents various charts that provide a visual on progress of certification across MAJCOMs. Synergy developed this site using various SharePoint lists, document libraries, web services, and charts using client side JavaScript framework.
  • AFDBT Audit Tracker: Synergy developed this dashboard to track all implementation plan documents under audit, the status of audit, the dates of approval, and the number of recommendations on the document. The web site also provides for a document library to store various implementation plan documents, an audit implementation plan guidance document etc.
  • EAE: Synergy developed and supported the EAE SharePoint site which maintains an architecture repository to store AF Enterprise Architecture artifacts including SDDP documents. Synergy provided customization to this document library by providing meta tagging capability on the documents, and providing advanced search capabilities. The SharePoint interfaces to the IBF-DAP Enterprise Architecture tool and provides a front end to the tool’s capabilities.
  • PAD/PGL Dash Board: Synergy has developed a dashboard that provides senior SAF/MG leaders actionable information on Program Action Directives (PADs), Program Guidance Letters (PGLs) Portfolio Management. This SharePoint site manages a document library for storing various PAD/PGL documents.

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Satisfy various Mission Areas
  • Development of custom sites for various mission areas allows business owners to accomplish their specific tasks as per their business needs.

Increased business efficiency
  • The custom SharePoint sites provide full visibility of submitted documents and, documents workflow status thus helping SAF/MG to better understand the work in their pipeline.
  • Automation via SharePoint (e.g. workflows) reduces the response time for SAF/MG mission areas to respond to their customers.

Senior Leader Visibility
  • Various dashboards provide senior leaders the information needed to make better informed decisions about their mission areas, workload and priorities.
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