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Who We Are

Synergy implements innovative solutions that are faster to build, easier to change, and cheaper to maintain. Our goal is to understand each customer’s pain points and needs to provide the highest level of service, while maintaining an energetic and rewarding environment for our team members.

What We Do

Synergy’s Agile Development approach assimilates requirements engineering, application development and DevSecOps to deliver complex solutions in a secured, predictable, and incremental fashion.

Synergy has expertise in integrating a diverse set of business systems inside an enterprise and implementing secured interfaces between systems across agencies.

Synergy provides process optimization and improves efficiency through the alignment of IT capabilities with mission goals.

Synergy designs strategy, evaluates readiness, develops engineering approaches, and implements migration of on-premise applications to the Cloud.

Synergy has extensive experience in implementing information assurance using RMF and DIACAP approaches, as well as implementing comprehensive data security in rest and motion using PKI.

Synergy is experienced in developing scalable on-premise and cloud-based enterprise data analytics platforms where the data scientists can run analytics and generate reports and visualizations.

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