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The Chief Information Officer–Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3) Small Business Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is a ten (10) year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. This contract is intended to provide information technology (IT) solutions and services as defined in FAR 2.101(b) and further clarified in the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996. These IT solutions and services include, but are not limited to, health and biomedical-related IT services to meet scientific, health, administrative, operational, managerial, and information management requirements. The contract also contains general IT services partly because medical systems are increasingly integrated within a broader IT architecture, requiring a systems approach to their implementation and a sound infrastructure for their operation.

CIO-SP3 Benefits:

  • 8(a) Small Business Set-aside GWAC
  • Streamlined ordering procedures are based on Fair Opportunity (FAR Subpart 16.505[b][1]) vs. full and open competition
  • No protest on orders under $10 million except on the grounds that the order increases the scope, period or maximum value of the contract (FAR Subpart 16.505 [a][10][i])
  • Varied contract types (Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Cost-Reimbursement) for greater flexibility
  • With a $20 billion ceiling, multiple contract types and the ability to award in modular increments and incorporate performance-based features, CIO-SP3 Small Business offers streamlined ordering and processes that save agencies time, money and resources.

Contract Number: 75N98119D00005

Scope: Synergy is qualified under the 8(a) Disadvantaged Small Business Group of the CIO-SP3 contract in all 10 Task Areas:

  • Task Area 1: IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare
  • Task Area 2: Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support
  • Task Area 3: Imaging
  • Task Area 4: Outsourcing
  • Task Area 5: IT Operations and Maintenance
  • Task Area 6: Integration Services
  • Task Area 7: Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Assurance
  • Task Area 8: Digital Government
  • Task Area 9: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Task Area 10: Software Development

Synergy’s DUNS Number: 826338498
Synergy’s CAGE Code: 5UBA8
Synergy’s Point of Contact:
Link to NIH CIO-SP3 Website:
Ordering Period of Performance: December 24, 2018 to June 29, 2022

Standard Form 26 75N98119D00005

Conformed Contract: Conformed Contract 75N98119D00005 – SYNERGY BUSINESS INNOVATION & SOLUTIONS INC.

PM: Vishal Luthra 571-375-7723 X124,

Contractor Site Rates: Contractor Site Rates 75N98119D00005 SYNERGY BUSINESS INNOVATION & SOLUTIONS INC.

Government Site Rates: Government Site Rates 75N98119D00005 SYNERGY BUSINESS INNOVATION & SOLUTIONS INC.

Prompt Payment Terms: NET 30. See Box 9 of SF26.


GSA 8(a) STARS II (GS00Q17GWD2083) is a multiple-award, indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract engineered to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to federal agencies from a diverse pool of 8(a) industry partners. This contract vehicle allows government customers flexible access to customized IT solutions – saving time and money. The 8(a) Program is an essential instrument for helping socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to the economic mainstream of American society. The program help thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in government contracting.

GSA 8(a) STARS II Benefits:

  • Participants can receive sole-source contracts, up to a ceiling of $4 million for goods and services and $6.5 million for manufacturing. While we help 8(a) firms build their competitive and institutional know-how, we also encourage you to participate in competitive acquisitions.
  • 8(a) firms are also able to form joint ventures and teams to bid on contracts. This enhances the ability of 8(a) firms to perform larger prime contracts and overcome the effects of contract bundling, the combining of two or more contracts together into one large contract. Also, see the Mentor-Protégé Program for more information on allowing starting 8(a) companies to learn the ropes from other experienced 8(a) businesses.

Contract Number: GS00Q17GWD2083

Scope: Constellation 1 & 2 – Functional Area 1 – Custom Computer Programming Services (NAICS 541511) & Functional Area 2 – Computer Systems Design Services (NAICS 541512)

Synergy’s Point of Contact:

Link to GSA STARS II Website:

Period of Performance: June 14, 2017 through August 30, 2021 

GSA Schedule 70 is an IDIQ contract that provides the full range of IT services, including: data warehousing, networking information, systems analysis and design, and installation for all federal departments and agencies. Synergy has been awarded three Special Item Numbers (SINs) under IT Schedule 70:

  • SIN 132-51: IT Professional Services
  • SIN 132-56: Health IT Services
  • SIN 70 -500: Order-Level Materials (OLMs)

SIN 132-51: IT Professional Services

SIN 132-51 includes resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, and other services relevant to 29CFR541.400.

SIN 132-51 benefits include:

Widespread use of modern IT paradigms helps to ensure protection of data, increased administrative efficiencies, greater cost savings, and improved customer experience. With the IT Professional Services SIN, you get:

  • Access to pre-vetted, experienced IT solution providers;
  • Access to the complete range of IT professional services;
  • Innovative and cutting-edge technologies and methodologies;
  • Universal labor category set that includes subject-matter experts (SMEs) in any technical field;
  • Ability to meet socioeconomic goals with awards to small businesses and other qualified vendors;
  • Ability to establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for recurring needs or indefinite requirements over several years;
  • Reduced procurement lead times, with no synopsis required;
  • Pre-negotiated ceiling prices that can be further discounted;
  • Established terms and conditions at the master contract level;
  • Flexibility to have customized terms and conditions at the task order level;
  • Simplified procurement process for services; and
  • More data available to track IT spend

SIN 132-56: Health IT Services

SIN 132-56 is a recently created SIN under IT Schedule 70 that assists customer agencies in procuring Health IT services. Services under this SIN include: a wide range of Health IT services: connected health, electronic health records, health information exchanges, health analytics, personal health information management, innovative Health IT solutions, health informatics, emerging Health IT research, and other Health IT services.

With all that the Health IT Services SIN offers, you can:

  • Easily identify Health IT solutions and experts;
  • Award small business set-aside contracts to meet socio-economic goals;
  • Establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) focused on Health IT solutions;
  • Get HIPPA compliance expertise;
  • Support the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan to expand adoption of Health IT services, reduce prices, advance secure and interoperable health information solutions, and strengthen healthcare-delivery systems;
  • Reduce procurement lead times:
    • No synopsis required;
    • Pre-negotiated ceiling prices which can be further discounted through head-to-head competition; and
    • Established terms and conditions
  • Clearly differentiate between Health IT services from other IT services;
  • Get access to innovative and cutting-edge technologies;
  • Increase visibility and accessibility of pre-vetted industry partners;
  • Simplify procurement process for services; and
  • Get data available to track Health IT spend

SIN 70-500: Order-Level Materials (OLMs)

The Order-Level Materials (OLMs) SIN was recently added under IT Schedule 70 and assists with supplies and/or services acquired in direct support of an individual task or delivery order placed against a Schedule contract or BPA.  This SIN is procured under a special ordering procedure that simplifies the process for acquiring supplies and services necessary to support individual task or delivery orders placed against a Schedule contract or BPA. Using this new procedure, ancillary supplies and services not known at the time of the Schedule award may be included and priced at the order level.

SIN 70-500 benefits include:

  • Allows buyers the flexibility to easily acquire OLMs, creating consistency between the Schedules program and other established indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contracts. These benefits include:
  • Increases the flexibility of GSA Schedules to provide a total solution to meet the ordering activity’s requirements
  • Reduces agency procurement and administrative costs and enhances the time savings and streamlined processes of leveraging GSA Schedules
  • Reduces contract duplication by eliminating the need to set up new commercial IDIQs or conduct open market procurements to obtain necessary order level ODCs
  • Increases competition, resulting in cost savings for the ordering activity
  • Eliminates the need for Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), which can be labor intensive to administer
  • All Schedule terms and conditions apply to OLMs (e.g., TAA and mandatory environmental attributes clauses), which ensures agency purchases are compliant with FAR and other regulatory guidelines

Contract Number: GS-35F-0495Y

Link to Website:

Ordering Period of Performance: July 10, 2012 through July 9, 2022 with the potential for two additional five (5) year Option Periods

The Professional Services Schedule (PSS) is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, providing direct access to simple or complex fixed-price or labor-hour professional services including:

  • Advertising and marketing solutions;
  • Business consulting solutions;
  • Environmental solutions;
  • Financial and business solutions;
  • Language services;
  • Logistics solutions; and
  • Professional engineering solutions.

Synergy has been awarded two Special Item Numbers (SINs) under GSA PSS:

  • SIN 871-1: Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities
  • SIN 874-1: Integrated Consulting Services

SIN 871-1: Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities

SIN 871-1 involves the definition and interpretation of high-level organizational engineering performance requirements such as projects, systems, missions, etc., and the objectives and approaches to their achievement. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to an analysis of mission, program goals and objectives, program evaluations, analysis of program effectiveness, requirements analysis, organizational performance assessment, special studies and analysis, training, and consulting. Example: The evaluation and preliminary definition of new and/or improved performance goals for navigation satellites such as launch procedures and costs, multi-user capability, useful service life, accuracy, and resistance to natural and man-made electronic interference.

SIN 874-1: Integrated Consulting Services

The Integrated Consulting Services SIN provides expert advice and assistance in support of an agency’s mission-oriented business functions. Services covered by this SIN include:

  • Management or strategy consulting, including research, evaluations, studies, analyses, scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance and strategy formulation
  • Facilitation and related decision support services
  • Survey services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and development; survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and stakeholder briefings
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203

Contract Number: 47QRAA19D0042

Ordering Period of Performance: February 5, 2019 – February 4, 2024 with a potential of three five (5) year Option Periods

Link to GSA PSS Website:

The IT Systems Engineering and Integration Support Services Contract is a Single award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for IT Systems Engineering and Integration Support Services. The scope of this requirement includes all aspects of IT Systems Engineering and integration support services required for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Enterprise General Support System (GSS). These services include providing technology and full range IT services and products for Systems Engineering and Implementation to support OCIOs mission of providing information technology solutions and leadership to advance the DOL Mission.

Contract Number: 1605DC19A0004

Ordering Period of Performance: June 25, 2019 to June 24, 2020 with the potential for four one (1) Year Option Periods

SeaPort-NxG Contract N00178-15-8438 is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services within two categories: engineering services and program management support.  DoD estimates the government will procure $5B worth of services annually through SeaPort-NxG, which contains a five-year base period of performance and a five-year ordering period option. SeaPort is the Department of the Navy’s (DON’s) mandatory vehicle for procurement of professional support services.

Contract Number: N00178158438

Functional Areas the SeaPort-NxG Supports:

  • Engineering, System Engineering, and Safety and Process Engineering Support
  • Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
  • In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout and Provisioning Support
  • Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support
  • Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support
  • Research and Development Support
  • Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
  • Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
  • System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
  • Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
  • Inactivation and Disposal Support
  • Biochemical Engineering Support