Cloud Solutions

Digital Transformation Offering

Cloud Solutions

Digital Transformation Offering

We Provide Full-Lifecycle Cloud Solutions Including Cloud Migration, Cloud Hosting, and XaaS Solutions

Embark on a seamless digital transformation journey with Synergy’s visionary Software Factory offering. Powered by expertise in Cloud Solutions, we empower your organization with top-tier commercial platforms like AWS and Azure, as well as government-sponsored Cloud One services, to craft innovative applications and effortlessly migrate legacy systems.

Three Differentiators That Set Us Apart:

Accelerated Success

When the U.S. Coast Guard needed a secure Software Factory solution, we swiftly stepped in, delivering an exceptional platform. Our proven prowess allowed us to fast-track over a dozen complex rewrite and modernization projects, providing our customers with time-efficient and reliable outcomes.

Streamlined Cloud Migration

At Synergy, our cloud migration expertise is driven by a set of repeatable processes, validated through successful cloud migration efforts implemented for Department of Labor (DOL). This ensures a seamless and efficient migration of your valuable data and applications to the cloud environment of your choice.

Certified Cloud Engineers

Synergy boasts a team of highly qualified and certified cloud engineers proficient in AWS and Azure. Their expertise and in-depth knowledge guarantee the development and execution of cutting-edge solutions, leveraging the full potential of these leading cloud platforms.

Embrace Synergy’s Digital Transformation Offering and unleash your organization’s true potential in the dynamic digital realm. Our robust Software Factory pipeline, fortified by DevSecOps principles, ensures the rapid and secure delivery of transformative solutions, leading your organization towards unparalleled efficiency and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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