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Jayanthi Pillai

Test Engineer

What book did you read last?

The last book I read was “The Ballerina Mindset” by Megan Fairchild, which discusses the importance of goal-setting, self-discipline, perseverance, and cultivating a growth mindset. Overall, “The Ballerina Mindset” is an inspiring and motivational book that encourages readers to embrace the mindset of a ballerina to achieve their own personal and professional goals.

If you could have any job/career for one day, what would you choose?

I am always fascinated with why people think the way they do, what causes their behavior, and what would be the best solution to solve their problems. Thus, I would choose to be a psychiatrist for a day.

What are some items on your bucket list?

The top three things on my bucket list are:

  • Getting my black belt in karate—I’m currently a blue belt.
  • Going on a road trip in India from Nagercoil to Ooty.
  • Spending time in my home village of Parakkai in Tamil Nadu, India.


What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would encourage her to find her own voice. Back then, I was easily swayed by others and naive to many realities of the world, so I would tell her to focus on being introspective and figure out: “What do I actually believe in?” Had I done this earlier, I believe I could have stood up for causes important to me and those I love.

Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

After reading about and experiencing many obstacles, one idea has always got me through: just focus on yourself and do not worry about others’ opinions. Focusing on this mantra has allowed me to not get overwhelmed by possibilities in my head, but rather focus on what’s really in front of me.

If you could spend one meal with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and what would you talk about?

I would spend time with my dad since I lost him when I was in college. I would start off by telling him how much my mom and I miss his love and moral support. I would ask why he neglected his health issues to take care of his family, when ultimately, we would have been able to cherish so many more memories with him if he hadn’t been so selfless for us.

What is something you have always wanted to try?

Growing up in India, I saw many boys riding motorcycles. I always found the activity intriguing and wanted to experience the thrill of riding a motorbike on the highway for myself. I hope to one day take the leap and finally get my motorcycle license so I can try it.

Which of Synergy’s core values (Leadership, Excellence, Communication, Inclusivity) means the most to you and why?

I most value inclusivity. Here, I feel that my and others’ opinions are heard. I am more comfortable and confident within a community that is willing to share and grow ideas together. I am thankful for how inclusivity at Synergy fosters a great work environment.