Welcome to the forefront of federal digital transformation, powered by the dynamic partnership between Synergy and Appian. Seamlessly merging Synergy’s expertise with Appian’s cutting-edge low-code platform, we are propelling government agencies, including multiple Department of Defense initiatives, into a new era of efficiency, transparency, and agility.

Through our collaborative efforts, exemplified by the successful modernization of CON-IT and the U.S. Army’s contract writing systems, we catalyze agency missions through common standards and a shared services approach, saving critical time and costs. This alliance isn’t just about technology; it’s about enabling agencies to respond to the speed of need in an ever-evolving landscape, empowering them to achieve their objectives with unprecedented precision. Discover the true essence of synergy, where innovation meets mission-critical solutions.

Synergy @ Appian World 2023

Collaborative Low-code Solution Delivery: Appian Corporation’s VP of Public Sector Solutions, Ben Allen, and Synergy’s Director of Innovation, Daniel Streicher, discuss their shared organizational responsibilities and communicative approach to delivering tailored requirements for today’s next generation federal contract writing systems.

Partners in Federal Modernization: Appian Corporation’s Federal Alliance Director, Maggie Rogers, Synergy’s President, Chandan Mukhopadhyay, and CEO, Sam Sarkar, share their collective passion for accelerating the ‘productivity revolution’ across federal agencies through emerging technologies and refined change management expertise.


2023 Emerging Partner of the Year

Outstanding commitment to and investment in using the Appian AI Process Platform to drive business transformation.

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Building solutions for Federal, State & Local government clients on Appian's low-code platform.

2022 Public Sector Solutions Cup

3rd Place