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The SLIC Immersion Program

Learn what it's like to join the SLIC as a junior developer and grow towards your career goals!

Training Areas

Jr Appian Developer

Jr ServiceNow Developer

Jr Salesforce Developer

Jr Cloud Engineer

Jr Full Stack Developer

Jr DevSecOps Engineer

Technical Team Lead

What’s the SLIC?

Find out how what sort of projects and goals we have at Synergy's Lab & Innovation Center.

How does it work?

Our Immersion Program is a salaried position from day one. It takes 3–4 months to get from the start of the program to deployment.

Step 1

Learning and progressing through your specific track; collaborating with others within training.

Step 2

Preparing for, taking, and passing your certification exam.

Step 3
Practical Application

Utilizing your new certification within a project in collaboration with other team members.

Step 4

Moving onto a Synergy project that utilizes the training you have received.

Example SLIC Projects



A modernization project that enables the USDA to bill more efficiently.


ReactJS, NodeJS, Typescript, Postgres, Kubernetes/Containerized

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A Synergy PaaS/SaaS solution for dynamic form building within React, Angular, etc.


ReactJS, NodeJS, Typescript, MongoDB, Kubernetes/Containerized

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Custom Plugins

Creating custom Appian plugins for their marketplace that can also be used for our stakeholders.


Appian, SQL

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