Emerging Technologies

Digital Transformation Offering

Emerging Technologies

Digital Transformation Offering

Synergy Empowers Government with Emerging Technologies: AI, ML, RPA

In today’s federal government landscape, embracing emerging technologies like AI, ML, and RPA is essential for boosting operational efficiency and automating legacy processes. Synergy, a seasoned federal systems integrator, is at the forefront of driving this transformation.

Here’s How Synergy Plays a Pivotal Role:

Strategic Expertise

Synergy’s tech experts craft tailored strategies that align emerging technologies with agency goals. Using a Responsible AI framework, we identify processes ripe for AI, ML, and RPA integration, ensuring a seamless transition that maximizes efficiency.

Integration Excellence

Synergy seamlessly integrates emerging tech into existing systems, ensuring data security and compliance. Our solutions are agile, scalable, and future-ready, adapting to evolving needs. For instance, at the Department of Labor, we automated manual reviews, reducing human involvement by 46%.

Empowered Adoption

User acceptance is key. Synergy provides comprehensive training and change management, empowering government employees to embrace AI, ML, and RPA tools. We cultivate a culture of innovation, addressing concerns and enabling enthusiastic tech adoption.

These facets lead to successful AI, ML, and RPA adoption in government. Synergy’s expertise paves the way for efficiency gains, streamlined processes, and transformative government operations. By harnessing these technologies, the government enhances citizen services, cuts costs, and drives positive change.

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What’s happening with Emerging Technologies at Synergy?

Meet our experts in Emerging Technologies.

Darien Foster

RPA System Administrator

“Working within emerging technologies gives you an appreciation of the physical, emotional, and digital barriers technology has had to overcome to reach The Present. And, yes, “Digital.” We discover unique ways to do things with even existing technology that can redefine how it is used from that point onward. It is never dull.”

Raviteja Rudra

Systems Architect (AI Lead)

“As an AI lead in the emerging technology team, I relish the dynamic journey of turning innovation into reality by solutioning real business problems with cutting-edge AI technology.”

Matt Brostek

Solutions Architect

“There is always a lot of hype surrounding emerging technologies, which makes it an exciting and interesting area to be involved in. I enjoy investigating and learning about these new technologies, like generative AI, and then figuring out how to apply it to solve real world problems and provide value to our customers.”

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