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Synergy Labs and Innovation Center (SLIC)

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What’s the SLIC?

At Synergy, we support an open and collaborative environment. That’s why we designed the Synergy Labs and Innovation Center (SLIC). SLIC is a virtual environment where Synergy’s subject matter experts can exchange ideas and innovate together.  

Increasing Innovation

We know how to increase innovation. To set ourselves up for it, we combine our high ambitions with actions that tangibly help our customer’s goals. But we don’t stop there. We let those same motivations take us further by incorporating them into our strategic plans to productize and market our solutions.

Key Feature

Synergy’s SLIC team designs rapid prototypes for business problems. Some of the key features that allow for the development of such prototypes in our innovation lab include Docker-based containerization and an AWS DevSecOps pipeline.

How the SLIC works

The SLIC team builds and delivers innovative solutions that are designed with guidance from our Director of Innovation, Solution Engineering, Cyber Security, Enterprise Architecture, and Information Engineering experts from across the company.  

What does the SLIC Team do?
  • Works with our customer-facing teams to identify business problems.
  • Solves business problems using improved processes, disruptive technologies, and innovative solutions.
  • Develops quick prototypes to demonstrate how our work will be sure to satisfy customers.

Innovative Accomplishments

Framework Developed

Development of a framework for implementing Derived Credential (Soft CAC) using Purebred platform. First application was implementing authentication and authorization for a mobile application for marine inspectors.

Patent Awarded

Development of a patented architectural approach for eliminating data exfiltration and insider threat using PKI and Row Level Security.

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Development of a mobile application called CareDial to provide an integrated platform to coordinate, manage and transition patient care. Connects Care Teams and Communities to lower overall healthcare cost.

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