Integrated platform to coordinate, manage and transition patient care. Connects Care Teams and Communities to lower healthcare cost.

Our mobile Population Health Management solution allows Care Coordinators to efficiently track and manage patient populations. CareDial helps identify high-risk patents to reduce overall frequency and duration of hospital stays, improves communication among Care Coordinators and provides reporting on the effectiveness of patient outreach programs.

The application aggregates the patient’s medical, social and behavioral data to generate a comprehensive 360-degree view of individual care needs, and enables a concerted care coordination throughout the patient’s support network that integrates health services and social resources into the person’s care plan, thus helping to lower the healthcare cost …

Detailed Description:

In-patient admission and readmission continue to be the largest contributors to the rising healthcare cost. CareDial offers an effective Population Health Management solution, with the following unique offerings:

  •   Supports data aggregation across medical, social, and behavioral determinants
  •   Allows for a risk assessment of a new enrollee
  •   Keeps the Care Management Team in sync with near real-time notifications about change in patient status
  •   Creates referral record to address social needs (Housing, Food, Transportation etc.)
  •   Allows secure messaging between the providers
  •   Incorporates Consent2Share to let patients manage their consent
  •   Supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployment

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