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News > Synergy Receives Recommendation for Experience with AWS and DevSecOps

Synergy Receives Recommendation for Experience with AWS and DevSecOps

Synergy received high marks from one of their federal customers for their expertise on AWS and DevSecOps. Below is an excerpt of an evaluation from the Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR):

“[Synergy’s] expertise of AWS cloud technology allowed them to provision new AWS environments to develop the prototypes. In addition, they also employed a DevSecOps pipeline to continuously integrate and deploy new functionalities. Their technical expertise in conjunction with the tools and automation processes resulted in scalability, reliability, and improved quality. 

Additionally, by using these tools and processes they were able to stand up a new environment, install, configure, and evaluate a platform typically in 3-4 weeks, which is highly efficient compared to the rest of the industry. This in turn was a great benefit to the Government, which enabled the Government to conduct an evaluation of 4 functional areas and 13 different platforms during the contract performance period.”

Synergy is partnering with AWS to implement scalable Cloud based solutions to their customers in multiple Federal agencies. By partnering with AWS, Synergy has access to AWS expertise for business, technical, and marketing for implementing AWS Solutions.

Synergy has successfully launched several projects utilizing AWS agility, elasticity, and cost-efficient techniques to deliver various AWS solutions for government and commercial customers.