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Synergy Appraised at Maturity Level 3 for CMMI-SVC

Synergy has been appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institutes’ Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®.

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that improve their performance.

Synergy was appraised for Services (CMMI-SVC), for which they received a Level 3 Maturity Rating. An appraisal at Maturity Level 3 indicates the organization is performing at a “defined” level. At this level, processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. The organization’s set of standard processes, which is the basis for Maturity Level 3, is established and regularly improved over time.

“Synergy’s commitment to customer success is backed by our passion for standardization and optimization of our processes and procedures so that we can consistently provide predictable results and measurable ROI to our customers. Our Development processes were apprised at L3 in 2015. The recent appraisal of our Services at L3 endorses our enduring principle that quality is a journey and we should always try to do better today than we did yesterday.”

Charles Irvin, Quality Assurance Manager