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News > Synergy Achieves AWS APN ‘Select Tier’ Consulting Partner Status

Synergy Achieves AWS APN 'Select Tier' Consulting Partner Status

Synergy has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) ‘Select Tier’ Consulting Partner status in November 2019. Synergy’s partner status is the result of the company’s proficiency, significant investment in technical resource development, successful customer reference base, and potential future growth delivering migrations to the cloud.

Synergy has been heavily investing on cloud native application development, cloud migration, and in-house product development on both AWS Commercial and GovCloud for over 5 years. We leverage the speed of provisioning and availability of a wide variety of platforms with different versions to quickly stand up environments tailored for specific business challenges, which enable our engineering team to deliver solutions with agility.

Other than using AWS for delivering solutions for their customers, Synergy also uses AWS infrastructure for its Innovation Lab. Their robust and versatile offering on the AWS includes Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Docker containerization and DevSecOps pipeline.

Synergy has used their AWS cloud expertise to deliver complex solutions for DISA, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Air Force. Recently, Synergy has been supporting the U.S. Coast Guard by migrating their on-prem infrastructure to AWS. Synergy has also developed their own Dynamic Form Generation platform, CelerForm, on the AWS platform.

One of our customers mentioned:

“[Synergy’s] expertise of AWS cloud technology allowed them to provision new AWS environments to develop the complex pilots in record time. In addition, they also employed a DevSecOps pipeline to continuously integrate and deploy new functionalities in the spirit of true agile delivery. Their technical expertise in conjunction with the tools and automation processes resulted in scalability, reliability, and improved quality.


Additionally, by using these tools and processes they were able to stand up a new environment, install, configure, and evaluate a platform typically in 3-4 weeks, which is highly efficient compared to the rest of the industry. This in turn was a great benefit to the Government, which enabled the Government to conduct an evaluation of 4 functional areas and 13 different platforms during the contract performance period.”