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Pushups to End Veteran Suicide

Raised by Team Synergy

Do you know how many U.S. veterans commit suicide daily? Synergy was recently made aware of the alarming and tragic number: an average of 20 a day, according to Active Heroes, a 501c3 charity that assists military families. That is still 20 too many. Upon learning these statistics, our team decided to become a part of the change to prevent veteran suicide by supporting Active Heroes. Active Heroes began raising funds and awareness for these concerning rates in 2012, when veteran suicide was reaching an average of 22 a day.

Active Heroes: Veteran Suicide Statistics


The 22 Pushups Challenge

Based on the original statistics of 22 suicides a day in 2012, Active Heroes started a challenge that allows anyone to register for $22 and complete 22 pushups a day for 22 days. By registering, we can raise funds for our veterans and let them know that we care for and stand by them (register here).

As a part of this movement, Synergy management pledged to donate $44 to Active Heroes for every Synergy employee that participated, both covering and matching the registration fee.

Led by Clayton Miller, 19 Synergists signed up for the challenge. Each day, our team’s participants posted on a group chat to keep each other accountable as they completed 22 pushups a day. Completing this challenge not only raised funds for the good of our veterans, but also brought our team together in a unique way while working from home.

Join the Fight

Our team started with 19 employees, raising an initial donation of $836, but that number is still growing in Synergy as others take on the challenge. Let’s continue fighting together to end veteran suicide.

What can you do to be a part of the change?
  • Consider participating in the 22 pushups challenge yourself
  • Invite friends and family to join you
  • Ask your company if they will match donations made and/or take part in the challenge as well
  • Try modifying the challenge, such as 22 days of jogging, meditation, or yoga
  • Donate even without participating in the challenge
  • Spread awareness about the problem, the challenge, and how we can help support our veterans
See how Active Heroes will use your donation


Our veterans have given us safety, freedom, and peace. Let’s return their act of selfless service with tangible support and a loud and clear message that we care.

Register for the 22 Pushups Challenge