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Anam Qadri

Senior Financial Analyst

What is your title at Synergy, and can you give us a gist of your responsibilities?

As a Senior Financial Analyst at Synergy, I am responsible in carrying out financial planning and analysis, managing financial performance, and implementing strategies to achieve desired business performance.

What do you like to do for fun?

Depending on the mood I’m in, I like to enjoy myself in a few different ways! I love spending time with family and friends, shopping, singing, going the gym, and watching movies—but most of all, I enjoy doing something related to arts, crafts, or home decoration.

Do you have a favorite movie/TV show?

Since I keep coming back to watch these, I’d have to say my favorite TV comedy shows are Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Friends. I would often tune in for these when growing up, so now every time I watch these shows I’m reminded of old times.

What is one of your happiest memories?

There are so many happy times in my life, but I would say that the happiest time that I remember was when I was seven and a half years old. In the 1970s, my dad was taken away from our family by communists in Laos. At that time, I was a little over a year old, and I didn’t remember anything about him. I was teased a lot from kids and people in village that I didn’t have a father. He was gone for five years, and we never heard anything about him. We didn’t know whether or not he was alive. Everyone was sure he had died.

I remember one day, I was playing with my friends in the rice fields, and one of my aunts ran to me and yelled out “Phet, Phet, Phet, come home, your dad is back!” (Phet is my nickname). When I got home, I saw a crowd of people at my house surrounding a man, and next to him were my mom and my siblings.

As soon the man saw me, he held his arms out and called to me. “Phet, come here, come to Dad.” He said it a few times, but all I could do was stare at him, stunned, until my mom said, “Phet, it’s your dad, come to him.” She repeated it when I didn’t respond. When it finally hit me, I began crying and jumping up and down before my dad pulled me into his arms and held me for a while.

I still remember this moment like it happened yesterday. Every time I tell this story to my kids, I find myself crying, but they’re happy tears.

What is the first concert you attended?

The first and last concert I ever attended was a Tommy Page concert in 1991 at Kings Dominion. Going to this concert was one of the coolest and most enjoyable times I had with my friends as teenagers.

What gets you out of bed each morning?

This is a tough question, because if I had the choice, I’d be sleeping in! Speaking realistically, though, I get up each morning before everyone else in the family so that I can make breakfast and begin my work for the day.

What drew you to Synergy originally? And how do you feel Synergy has changed since you started?

I was originally drawn to Synergy by a friend that interviewed here and referred me to the Synergy recruiter. After my interview, I was very impressed with the company and the team that I spoke with. They were very professional, friendly, and enthusiastic. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Synergy—this is one of the most friendly, enthusiastic, and cooperative companies I’ve been a part of, and management is amazing to work with. Synergy is a fast-growing company with great leadership, and all kinds of skillful individuals bring their different talents to the table. We work as a team. I do believe that with this kind of teamwork, Synergy will continue to grow and be an incredible workplace.